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To bring about the realisation of sustainable development goals in the world at large


To be of service to the needy, extend a helping hand to the less privilege and humanity as a whole

HeartyAid Zero Hunger

Zero Hunger

Hearty Aid and Support Initiative is an Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that promotes food security. We aid the needy, children, homeless, elderly, physically challenged, low income etc.

HeartyAid Skills Acquisition

Skills Acquisition and Youth Empowerment

We address the gaps of diversity, empower youths across all areas of life, capacity building, youth involvement in service projects, civic engagement, philanthropy, and decision-making.

HeartyAid Business Aid Youth

Business aid to youths

Hearty Aid and Support Initiative develop new solutions that serve as a bridge that links young people with quality business aid.

Family is Everything

Family Support System

HeartyAid Back to School

Back To School

Every child around the world has the right to free basic education and by this, poverty is no excuse. However, while basic education is theoretically free, poor families are saddled with the responsibility of providing other necessary materials to enjoy the “free basic education”.

HeartyAid Woman and Child

Woman and Child Advocacy

We address issues of diversity, empower women and children across all areas of life, capacity building, mother and child involvement in service projects, civic engagement, philanthropy, and decision-making.

Livelihood support to children

Hearty Aid, through its livelihood opportunity provide a support base for families with children. We go the extra mile in assisting them in every way possible

Welcome to our communities

Community Development

Aids to victims of disaster

We are a social and non-governmental organization (NGO) that challenge and address global threats to the environment and victims of disaster

Family Support System

The Family Strengthening Programme works to prevent child abandonment by providing support to community children, empowering their families

Community development

We provide sustainable development and empower the poor especially women and children through training, advocacy, capacity building, skills acquisition

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Through our Water Sanitation and Hygiene Programme, we at Hearty aid and support Initiative strive to improve WASH situation in communities in Nigeria.
We engage with our partners to deliver access to safe drinking water in communities.

Improved Healthcare

We aim to contribute in improving health care to communities, especially poor and hard to reach communities.
To do so, we partner with health care workers and donor partners to deliver this so much needed health care.

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